Handy Enterprises, Inc is a Truck Load and LTL Carrier. From 1lb to 49,000lbs, Handy Enterprises, Inc is the most dependable carrier you will find. We also have a very competitive rate structure for LTL Freight.

    At Handy Enterprises, Inc our fleet of professional drivers takes pride in serving you by double tarping all steel loads we haul. This is to give our customers the peace of mind knowing they will recieve there product in good condition.
    Within the office at Handy Enterprises, Inc we have a staff with over 90 years experience in the trucking industry, that will provide you with all your transportation needs.

    In our shop we maintain all of our own equipment, 25 tractors, 3 quad axle dumps and 30 flatbeds. With a qualified staff of full time mechanics, our equipment is well maintained and ready to serve our customers.
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